..:: DESIGN Kft. ::.. veszélyes hulladékkezelés, hulladékszállítás, hulladékártalmatlanítás | waste management in Hungary
Design Ltd. is a reliable Hungarian company utilities wastage, trim, garbage, litter, scrap, refuse disposal, salvage. It has 4 landfill and junkyard sites: Debrecen, Dunaújváros, Kecskemét, Kerepes. Main profil is waste management.
wastage, trim, garbage, litter, scrap, refuse disposal, salvage, junkyard, landfill, Hungary, Kecskemét, utility waste, environmental protection, Design Ltd., Dry mud, Contaminated packaging, Contaminated boxes, Oil rag, Paint rag, Organic solvent, Condansate water, Emulsion, Electronics, Acids, Bases, Grinding, Sewage sludge, Bottle, Waste oil, Used abrasives, Confidental documents, Fluorescent lamp, Electonics, Office equipment, toner, Laboratory chemicals, Metal and plastic waste, Scrap, expired food, beverages, Scrap plastic, metal, textile products, Leather waste, Paints, Scrap, expired cosmetics, Remaining pesticides and insecticides
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Waste transport

Waste Treatment

Waste disposal

Extreme damage abolishment

Waste Recycling Technology Development

Packaging, Documents Ensurance

ADR Transport

Waste Recycling


Remediation works

Types of Waste Management

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