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Our corporate policy

Fast, Informative, Effective and Environmental Waste Management
The company policy of the Design Ltd. includes our principles about protection of quality, environment, health and safety.

The Design Ltd. offers such kind of service during its tasks related to hazardous and industrial wastes, environmental consulting and expert activity, in which plays a crucial role the competence, the awareness and the aptitude of its staff. These factors guarantee the reliable service and the high-quality performance and therefor the company considers, it is very important to carefully choose its staff  as well as the continued development of their skills and awareness.

Various sub-contractors play a significant role in carrying out our duties, so the company is acting in their selection carefully. The firm formulates quality standards to subcontractors, based on assessing and monitoring them. By choosing them – if possible – we prefer  certified subcontractors according to our company’s  corporate policy.

The company’s management plays a key role in the company policy’s operation and development. The Executive – along with the employees -is committed to fully comply both the customer’s expectations and social requiremnets as well as the quality and environmental effects of work, health at work and safety requirements.  The company does everything possible to ensure that employees get know, be aware and keep the corporate policy. The management is committed to constantly improvement practices. Also ensures continuously that the legal and other requirements related to environmental factors, safety claims of works and services will be detected and achivable by introducing and maintaining documented procedures.

In order to meet the high standard of services, the company pays special attention to full compliance with the law, the flexibility after a change in expectations, as well as the accuracy to satisfy needs – including the completion deadlines including the environmental protection and the health care of the employees.

These aspirations and intentions help the company to maintain the current market share and reputation in the field of hazardous waste related services  despite the fierce competition.