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Reliable partner – we have worked for our customers for 30 years

The Design Ltd. Company was founded in 1990. Our company started with collecting, transporting and treating waste generated by industrial enterprises as a small family business. As a result of the successful development, however, has become one of the biggest players in the domestic market. At the moment we serve about 4,000 satisfied customers.  Several parts of the country we operate waste collection and treatment sites, located in Kecskemet, Kerepes, Szolnok, Dunaújváros and Debrecen. On our 3.5 ha central site in Kecskemét we manage and maintain continusously, so nowadays we can work on one of the largest and the highest technical quality site. Our goal is to attract more private waste disposal, recycling technology we have, as a result of which we become the final operator of waste, so we can offer our customers more complex level of service and price. Our company has been and will continue as its primary task to offer full service for our partners and to expand our business and services.

Main scope of activites:
collecting hazardous and non-hazardous waste, transportation, pretreatment, treatment, recycling, disposal of waste and other related complex environmental  services

We possess several own technologies and know-hows, just to mention some:

  • Pretreatment of plastic packaging waste, RDF fuel production
  • Pretreatment and decontamination of metal packaging
  • Leaf-metal recovery from developer and fixer solutions
  • Oil filters, air filters, bottles, containers and other metal-containing wastes recycling, metals recovery
  • Batteries sorting, recovery and reclamation of some useful fractions
  • Repackaging of waste, pre-treatment, ADR delivery preparation
  • Evaporation, compression of water-based solutions
  • Oil dewatering, desludging and recycling
  • Plastic balloons, IBC containers cleaning
  • Rapid elimination of emergency situations
  • Damage and waste removal works
Growth Strategy

Continuous efforts and persistent work of the past 20 years have helped our company to own the dominant market share, to be approved in field of hazardous waste services, as well as to maintain the high quality of service.
The base of our dynamic development is that organizational units (commercial, transportation, technical, financial)can corporate together, supported by advanced computerized business management system.

Our company currently employs 72 employees. Company turnover has reached almost HUF 2 billion since 2005, since then this level has been exceeded and we will continue to grow steadily, both revenue and the amount and diversity of waste received. Even hit by the recent financial and economic crisis, we were able to increase our turnover.


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  • 2013. 2.01 billion HUF
  • 2014. 2.22 billion HUF
  • 2015. 2.43 billion HUF
  • 2016. 2.69 billion HUF
  • 2017. 2.83 billion HUF
  • 2018. 3.22 billion HUF
  • 2019. 3.77 billion HUF
  • 2020. 3.76 billion HUF
  • 2021. 4.17 billion HUF
  • 2022. 4.37 billion HUF
  • 2023. 5.05 billion HUF
Chart by Visualizer
  • 2013. 37.100 tons
  • 2014. 39.400 tons
  • 2015. 39.900 tons
  • 2016. 41.300 tons
  • 2017. 42.430 tons
  • 2018. 45.012 tons
  • 2019. 47.902 tons
  • 2020. 46.035 tons
  • 2021. 46.888 tons
  • 2022. 48.058 tons
  • 2023. 43.188 tons
A wide range of waste management

We have developed and managed numerous mechanical recycling technologies that represent and meet the needs of the times in every respect on a high technical standard. We are able to recycle oil filters, capacitors, spray cans, air filters, fuel pumps, batteries, plastic totes, plastic films and sell the secondary raw materials. Our goal is to develop these abilities in the future because we want to reach dominant market share as a waste recycler, too.

Our company has also performed 2 C-type landfills’ brokering activities since 2011. These landfills are our properties now. Thus both the producers and the collection companies can get very favorable tariff disposal services. On the landfills of Dunaújváros and Debrecen we are able to dispose almost all kinds of non-recycable hazardous wastes. 20,000 tons/year waste can be transported into the landfills, our recent free capacity is over 200,000 tons/year.

We are the winners of a  large number of public tenders. Among of our outstanding references are several local and national goverments. We do proper transportation, sorting and recovery of hazardous and industrial waste collected during removal actions, including in the capital city.