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New ERP system at Design Ltd.

Business Management System

Invitation called “Enterprise Process Management Support” (GOP 2.2.1 2007-0070) by the Economic Development Operational Programme (GOP), published in 2007, was competed by our company. In the above-mentioned reference year November, 16 we won the new “Enterprise Process Management Support “project.  The total cost of the tender was HUF 39,750,600, of which the grant was HUF 19,875,300. On the basis of the Supporter’s decision  a non-repayable grant was received on 21/04/2008.

Under the project, a new corporate governance and environmental management information system software development, installation and implementation was realized (EnWizard2).

A further goal of our development was to:

  • enable to manage, standardize, automate the data related to environmental materials (Master Data Module))
  • manage to operate waste database with the help of waste management module (Waste Management Module)
  • fulfill to manage financial statements related to the waste (Finance module, General Ledger module)
  • solve to operate the official data’s software management with only one software.

In addition to the software development, procurement of hardware devices was the part of the development program: a central server, 23 desktops, 2 HP LaserJet printers,2 Epson printers and 2 Notebooks.

Implementation of the Program Deadline: March 30, 2010.

Participating organizations:

MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Centre.

Mailing address: 1539 Budapest, Pf .: 684th

NHDP route: +36 40638638

E-mail: nfu@meh.hu Web: http://www.nfu.hu/