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Waste Recycling Technology Development at Design Ltd.


Within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan the development of the Design Ltd’s investment for recycling technology was realized in August 31, 2013.

Our company had worked on setting up an advanced technology-based recycling process on our sites, but because of the high cost of this project it was failed. In August 2010, within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, our enterprise won HUF 121,523,687 non-refundable support by the GOP-2.1.4-09/H2010-0030, „Hulladékhasznosítási technológia fejlesztése a Design Kft-nél” tender.

During the project, the following architectural and mechanical components are installed:

  • Oil filter processing hall
  • Personalized used oil filters and demolition recycling production line
  • Hyster H3.5FT diesel counterbalance forklift truck
  • LiuGong CLG 904C type hydraulic excavator and loader

Tailored to meet the unique needs in the process enables the use of special waste materials collected, create new, flexible and secure jobs for the workers.

August 31, 2013.