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Business Management System

Invitation called “Enterprise Process Management Support” (GOP 2.2.1 2007-0070) by the Economic Development Operational Programme (GOP), published in 2007, was competed by our company. In the above-mentioned reference year November, 16 we won the new “Enterprise Process Management Support “project.  The total cost of the tender was HUF 39,750,600, of which the grant was HUF 19,875,300. On the basis of the Supporter’s decision  a non-repayable grant was received on 21/04/2008.

Under the project, a new corporate governance and environmental management information system software development, installation and implementation was realized (EnWizard2).

A further goal of our development was to:

  • enable to manage, standardize, automate the data related to environmental materials (Master Data Module))
  • manage to operate waste database with the help of waste management module (Waste Management Module)
  • fulfill to manage financial statements related to the waste (Finance module, General Ledger module)
  • solve to operate the official data’s software management with only one software.

In addition to the software development, procurement of hardware devices was the part of the development program: a central server, 23 desktops, 2 HP LaserJet printers,2 Epson printers and 2 Notebooks.

Implementation of the Program Deadline: March 30, 2010.

Participating organizations:

MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Centre.

Mailing address: 1539 Budapest, Pf .: 684th

NHDP route: +36 40638638

E-mail: nfu@meh.hu Web: http://www.nfu.hu/

Remediation works, Extreme damage abolishment

Remediation, damage abolishment



Our company has a wide spectrum of references in removing site’s remediation and emergency situations.

Currently we provide 24-hour availability for a number of major clients to be able to offer immediate help in case of damage.


Environmental expert services

In addition to the daily routine significant charges are burdened on the  participants of production by preparing and executing to various environmental regulations, data services, returns, summaries and reports. Following the rapidly changing regulatory requirements is a difficult task to a non-professional. That’s why we would like to help partners, whose numbers are increasing for our great pleasure, using our complex services in this area. You do not have to deal with strict observance of deadlines, the interpretation of the data sheets or filling out forms, we remove related problems from your shoulders.

We undertake:

  • Regular environmental agent-functionality
  • Occasional environmental consulting
  • Casual jobs – returns, preparation of documentation license
  • The environmental agency official procedures

Waste disposal

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal

Our company owns two C-type hazardous landfills that we run ourselves in Debrecen and Dunaújváros. In addition we have very large, stable subcontractors  in order to offer several regional and technological waste management solutions for partners.

ADR Transport

Our company has more than two decades of experience in the field of road transport of waste according to the ADR. The company-owned trucker firm, Multi Red Logistic Ltd., has 35 different types, excellent, ADR-equipped trucks, that are carried out by road transport more than 80 tons of waste per year across the country. Our machinery is constantly improved and developed, so we have the opportunity to transport not only traditional flatbed shipment but special addition such as container carrier, multilift, tanker, crane, dumper.

Packaging, Documents Ensurance

Ensurance of the prescribed packaging and documents needed for hazardous waste collection

We, as the country’s largest provider of waste management, possess a large amount and various types of packaging, which help our partners to send waste easily and safely. When placing order you should only indicate how many pieces and what type of packaging is needed, we deliver them to your premises. According to the data of the filled in order form we provide the printed W-ticket and delivery documents on the spot.

Waste Recycling Technology Development


Within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan the development of the Design Ltd’s investment for recycling technology was realized in August 31, 2013.

Our company had worked on setting up an advanced technology-based recycling process on its sites, but because of the high cost of this project has been failed. In August 2010, within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, our enterprise won  HUF 121,523,687 non-refundable support by the GOP-2.1.4-09/H2010-0030, „Hulladékhasznosítási technológia fejlesztése a Design Kft-nél” tender.

During the project, the following architectural and mechanical components are installed:

  • Oil filter processing hall
  • Personalized used oil filters and demolition recycling production line
  • Hyster H3.5FT diesel counterbalance forklift truck
  • LiuGong CLG 904C type hydraulic excavator and loader

Tailored to meet the unique needs in the process enables the use of special waste materials collected, create new, flexible and secure jobs for the workers.

August 31, 2013.

Types of Waste Management

Types of waste management


  • Waste Treatment
  • Waste Recycling
  • Waste Transport
  • Waste Disposal
  • Packaging, Documents Ensurance
  • ADR Transport
  • Remediation Works
  • Consulting