Environment, Safety and Quality

Waste Recycling Technology Development at Design Ltd.


Within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan the development of the Design Ltd’s investment for recycling technology was realized in August 31, 2013.

Our company had worked on setting up an advanced technology-based recycling process on our sites, but because of the high cost of this project it was failed. In August 2010, within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, our enterprise won HUF 121,523,687 non-refundable support by the GOP-2.1.4-09/H2010-0030, „Hulladékhasznosítási technológia fejlesztése a Design Kft-nél” tender.

Technology Development at Design Ltd.


In 2009 our application submitted to support system of the New Hungary Development Plan Economic Development Operational Programme was deemed worthy of support.

Due to the project we have been able to apply advanced waste treatment and recovery process by obtaining a battery recycling production line and waste crusher. Two more modernly equipped forklift truck helps our waste management work.

Site Development at Design Ltd.


In 2009, we successfully applied for site development (Address: Kecskemét, Ipar utca 6.). Below is a prepared summary of application:

Objective: Our company aims to conduce the modernization, expansion, recycling growth of its – operating – site to preservation and enhancement of the competitiveness in order to keep and improve the employment.

New ERP System at Design Ltd.

Invitation called “Enterprise Process Management Support” (GOP 2.2.1 2007-0070) by the Economic Development Operational Programme (GOP), published in 2007, was competed by our company. In the above-mentioned reference year November, 16 we won the new “Enterprise Process Management Support “project. The total cost of the tender was HUF 39,750,600, of which the grant was HUF 19,875,300. On the basis of the Supporter’s decision a non-repayable grant was received on 21/04/2008.

Under the project, a new corporate governance and environmental management information system software development, installation and implementation was realized (EnWizard2).